poke borak at

poke borak at
poke borak at
To make fun of, jeer at
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  • borak — /ˈbɔræk / (say bawrak) phrase poke borak, Colloquial to ridicule: * Garn! he cried at last, and his voice was between a whine and a snarl; yer needn t poke borak! –louis stone, 1911. Also, borac, borack, borax. {Australian Aboriginal; Wathawurung …  

  • poke borack — verb To ridicule. Syn: poke borak, poke borax …   Wiktionary

  • poke — I. /poʊk / (say pohk) verb (poked, poking) –verb (t) 1. to thrust against or into (something) with the finger or arm, a stick, etc.; prod: to poke a person in the ribs. 2. to make (a hole, one s way, etc.) by or as by thrusting. 3. to thrust or… …  

  • barrack for — To support or encourage, especially by shouting and cheering. Some claim barrack comes from Australian pidgin to poke borak at to deride , but its origin is Northern Irish barrack to brag . By itself barrack meant to jeer (and still does in… …   Australian idioms

  • ridicule — n 1. derision, mockery, mimicry; satire, black humor, lampoon, sarcasm, irony, cynicism; burlesque, travesty, parody, farce, take off, caricature, skit, squib; raillery, banter, chaff, badinage, persiflage, sport, joke; ribbing, teasing, making… …   A Note on the Style of the synonym finder

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